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Marfa smaller-134Travel photography – Marfa Texas

I can’t believe we’ve already been away for more than a month.  We’ve clocked up nearly 4000 driving miles already and we’re currently in Miami, on a work stop (although there will be some fun in the next couple of days).

Our whole experience has been staggering so far.  We’ve seen mountains and deserts and snow and sand dunes and roads that stretch for miles and the most stars I’ve ever, ever seen in one place.   I vary between feeling extremely lucky and care free, and a bit knackered with slightly jangled nerves from always being somewhere new and unfamiliar.

I’m sharing all of my travel photography over on my Tumblr but I thought I’d blog the odd location here too, especially if it’s somewhere as magical as Marfa.

Marfa was the second stop on our trip and we met up with friends Danny, Kate and Addison and Jacob in Austin, and we spent a few days there before we drove West to Marfa.

Some Texas locals told Danny and Kate that West Texas isn’t much to look at.  I found it staggeringly beautiful.  The skies.  Seemingly bigger and higher than the skies I’ve seen before. I mean I know they’re not but there are miles and miles of uninterrupted horizons that lead to a feeling of space and vastness.

And then you reach Marfa.  Population 2000 + a few hundred temporary airbnb dwellers who, like us, head west in search of diversion and creative inspiration.  There are art galleries, installations against the backdrop of desert, food trucks, independent shops and everything is cheerfully colourful.  It’s fair to say I loved it.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from our time there and around.

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