Kings Cross Wedding PhotosI’m writing this surrounded by boxes, as Pete and I pack up for our latest move.  As we’re leaving London for a while for an adventure or two, it’s only fitting that I share some frames from a very London-y wedding.

Back in the Spring, at the start of May I photographed Nicola on her 40th birthday.

Her 40th birthday happened to be a Wednesday and Wednesday happened to be the day she put on a red dress, headed to the town hall and got married to Dan, with their little daughter watching.  Their little daughter who really wasn’t a fan of 100 people cheering at the same time.

On a rainy and grey day a bride in a red wedding dress pops perfectly against the backdrop of urban London and Kings Cross and one of the things that I love about this kind of wedding is that there’s so much normality going on around it.  Two people and their friends, experiencing a pivotal moment in their lives, while the rest of the world goes about their business.

Here are fifteen frames from Nicola and Dan’s wedding at Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-7Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-9Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-1-3Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-11Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-2Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-12Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-15Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-5Alternative wedding photography kings cross
Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-1-2Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-13Kings Cross London Wedding Photography-3


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September 30th 2015
This is cool as hell. Can I second-shoot for you sometime if I ever make it back to London? Gosh.
    September 30th 2015
    Ahh thanks, Lix!
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