Hello Photographer!  Thanks for checking out my website. I’m honoured that you clicked this link especially, and I hope I can help you out on your journey a little.

I have been shooting weddings full time for five years now and in that time I have worked with over 200 couples.   My work is regularly featured in the press, last year I won a place on the prestigious Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars list and I’ve picked up a few other accolades along the way.

I’d love to work with you to push your business in the right direction and here are some of the things I offer.

One day business workshops: come along for a day and get your business off the ground or refresh your business skills.  We cover everything from branding to marketing and PR.

SNAP Photography Festival is a week long residential retreat / festival which takes place in the Spring.  People love it because they get to become a part of a supportive community, as well as hearing from a variety of speakers who’ll share their knowledge on different topics.  We also have activities like beach trips and wild swimming.

121 mentoring
Mentoring is totally bespoke and can be anything from a 1 hour ‘pick my brains’ session over Skype to a full day session somewhere local to me in Bath, Somerset.  Skype mentoring is £75 an hour and in person mentoring is £200 per 1/2 day.

Anyone who books more than 2 hours with me will get a complimentary 30 minute follow up session.

I’m an open book and happy to cover any of the following topics:  marketing, image critiques, live shoots with a couple, workflow, editing, social media, blogging, customer care, managing client expectations, diversity in your business, the client experience, branding or anything else business related.  If you’d like to book mentoring please get in touch.