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Fay and Shane-77

“I spent ages looking for a photographer, there’s so much choice but I’d say 85% of the photographers I found offer the same kind of thing, and it wasn’t what we were looking for. I decided one night to look for a photographer that would travel rather than someone local to the west midlands and that’s when I found Babb Photo. I looked through Laura’s gallery and fell in love with the images. The photos I saw were creative and captured feeling.  I remember when I contacted Laura she was away so couldn’t get back to us straight away and I spent the weekend torturing myself looking through her galleries, reading her blog and falling more and more in love with her work. Luckily for us when she got back she replied to let us know that our date was free.  Laura was amazing to work with, and we loved having our photos taken.”

I might have welled up a little bit when I read Fay and Shane’s feedback.  They were so warm and lovely to work with.  From the moment I first met them in London to talk about their wedding plans over a cup of tea they were really welcoming, and I loved every minute of their wedding at Fazeley Studios in Digbeth, Birmingham.

Their wedding ceremony was really special as they got married on the anniversary of Shane’s parents wedding, in the same church where Shane’s parents were married.  The vicar made a point of showing the marriage certificate from Shane’s parents wedding all those years before.

They then went on to a laid back BBQ reception and we spent some time hanging out in Digbeth, creating some portraits.  Here’s what happened.

Fay and Shane-1Fay and Shane-3Fay and Shane-7wedding photographer digbethFay and Shane-15Fay and Shane-16Fay and Shane-24Fay and Shane-21Fay and Shane-29Fay and Shane-31Fay and Shane-37Fay and Shane-38Fay and Shane-54Fay and Shane-55Fay and Shane-57Fay and Shane-58Fay and Shane-65Fay and Shane-67Fay and Shane-68Fay and Shane-69Fay and Shane-71Fay and Shane-72Fay and Shane-73Fay and Shane-75Fay and Shane-81Fay and Shane-82Fay and Shane-83Fay and Shane-87Fay and Shane-90Fay and Shane-91Fay and Shane-92Fay and Shane-94Fay and Shane-95Fay and Shane-97Fay and Shane-99Fay and Shane-100Fay and Shane-104Fay and Shane-106Fay and Shane-108Fay and Shane-110Fay and Shane-93