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I am having a bit of a love affair with beautiful illustration at the moment.

It may be because I am totally and utterly envious of people who can draw, paint or illustrate. I wish I could weald a pen/pencil/paintbrush and have the results looking like something other than a drawing a three year old could do. Or worse.

I came across Luke at Skinny Nib a while ago at a wedding fair and loved his work.

He did the illustrated wedding stationery for this shoot that I worked on last year.

All Heart ©

All Heart ©

Skinny Nib provides a bespoke service so all you need to do is come up with an idea for your wedding stationery and then brief him. He’ll then create something completly unique to you.

Here’s what he has to say about his work:

“The best wedding invitations you receive are immediately put up on the fridge door or mantle and left there long after the event is over. They are able to set the stage for the event itself, and communicate exatcly what kind of event the invitees can expect. The specifics will only tell someone if they can attend, the design tells them whether they want to attend.

It is my aim to produce invitations that brim with the personality and taste of the lucky couple. Designed from scratch, each bespoke wedding invitation is truly unique and beautiful.

The design can reflect both the couple and the day ahead. In the past I have incorporated aspects of a couples life together; where they met, where he/she proposed. I can incorporate any colours, flowers, themes, your wedding date or just about anything. Ultimately there is little restriction on how your design could look, it is my job to tie all the pieces together to create a stylish, cohesive and elegant invitation”

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One of the loveliest parts of the service Skinny Nib provides is the fact that Luke will include the original drawing of the design framed for you, to put up and keep as a momento of your wedding.

So for the cost of commissioning bespoke illustrated wedding stationery you also get a unique piece of artwork that you can hang on your wall.

If you’re interested in having your wedding stationery designed via Skinny Nib’s bespoke service do check out more of their work here.

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Have Laura shoot your wedding!

real moments, captured creatively.

August 28th 2014
Wow love this stationery - beautifully shot of course x
    August 28th 2014
    I didn't shoot it! But thanksssssss.

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