You can call me Babb.  Or Laura.  Or Laura Babb.

I don’t do traditional, stiff, awkwardly-posed wedding photography. You’re not like that, so why should your wedding pictures try to squeeze you into that formal box?  You want your wedding photos to bring back everything you felt, every time you look at them throughout your lives.  I’ll be there for the first kiss and the dancefloor shenanigans, mingling with your guests, documenting creatively and naturally.Every joyous moment, each ecstatic antic, every giant grin and great big kiss. All the bold choices you made to make the day reflect who you are, I want to bring out in your photographs. I’ll frame your wedding just as it is – marvellous, messy, magnificent, and totally who you are.

I adore photography. When I’m not photographing weddings, I’m usually off somewhere exploring with my camera. I find architecture and urban landscapes endlessly fascinating. Lines, form and decay are beautiful, and I love to let them work their way into my wedding photographs wherever I can. When I do put my camera down for a while, I like to collect tattoos (my favourite so far is Bob the flamingo) and drink wine. And travelling and exploring new places is my favourite way to spend my time.  I’m pretty into colourful things, in case you couldn’t tell.

So what’s your wedding going to be like, and how do you want the pictures to capture it all? Whether your day is going to be laid-back or adventurous, in an old cinema or on a pretty hill, it’s bound to include your favourite people and a few popped corks. And it’ll be brimful of the kind of feelings and moments you’ll want to remember forever.

When the day is over, you can be happy in the knowledge that I’ve made the most beautiful and truthful record of it – and you’ll be able to relive it all very soon.  If it sounds like we might have the same ideas about your wedding photos, drop me a line and let’s chat. Brilliant.